Bakersfield College | Data Conference: March 14, 2014

Point of Origin | Data Driven Student Success

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8:00 to 9:30 am

Opening Remarks – Manny Mourtzanos & Sonya Christian
Keynote Introduction– Sonya Christian, President of Bakersfield College


Keynote Addrss: Dr. Kurt Ewen
From Evidence to Actionable Information: Institutional Practices in Support of Student Success

Session focuses on the role that data can and should play in organizations aspiring to become cultures of evidence. Session specifically emphasizes the kinds of culture rituals or habits that can support a focus on evidence.

9:40 to 10:40 am
(Session A)

Thinking and Acting Programmatically: A Session for Faculty Chairs
By: Dr. Kurt Ewen, Valencia College

Focus on the shifts in thinking and acting needed at the program level in order to sustain an institutional focus on improving student success.

10:50 to 11:50 am

Keynote Address: Dr. Kurt Ewen
Shared Purpose: Student Success Data and the Possibilities of Collective Responsibility and Mutual Accountability

Session focuses on the natural and necessary relationship between the institutional desire to improve student success and the emergence of expectations for collective responsibility and mutual accountability.

11:50 am to 12:00 pm

Conference Wrap-up and Evaluations