Bakersfield College | Data Conference: October 31, 2013

Bakersfield College hosted a KCCD Data Summit on Thursday, October 31, from 8:30 am to 3 pm.
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Point of Origin | Data Driven Student Success

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Opening Remarks – Manny Mourtzanos
Data, Technology & Student Success in 2016 – Sonya Christian
Unveiling BC’s Score Card – Janet Fulks and Data Coaches
(view archive) KEYNOTE
A CULTURE OF INQUIRY & ACTION: A Catalyst for Improving Student Outcomes
– Rob Johnstone & Patrick Perry

Come ready for an interactive, engaging exploration that will access your subject matter expertise as we collectively explore important student success issues and start brainstorming how to continue to move forward on improving student outcomes.

(view archive) Getting Familiar with the Data at the State Chancellor’s Office
– Patrick Perry

The CCC Chancellor’s Office collects student unit records from all 112 CCC campuses and “value-adds” to this data in a variety of ways, while making much of it available to your campus. This session will outline the many sources and uses of Chancellor’s Office data that can be used locally to track student progress and outcomes through such tools as the Data Mart, Data On Demand, Referential Files, Scorecard, and Salary Surfer.

(view archive) Panel Reflection and Reaction
Moderator: Michael McNellis
  • Mark Williams (VP Instruction, Taft College),
  • Heather Ostash (VP Student Services, Cerro Coso),
  • Sharyn Eveland (Faculty, Taft College),
  • Jennifer Marden (Classified Staff, Bakersfield College)

Following the Panel Reflection & Reaction, our keynote speakers, Patrick Perry & Rob Johnstone, will give closing remarks.

(view archive) First Generation Students: What does the data tell us?
- Tina Tuttle

New data for the KCCD on parental education combined with a poverty indicator offer some striking new insight into our students. This presentation will highlight first-time information about socioeconomics of KCCD students and how this may be affecting students pathways toward their goals. We’ll examine socio economics, demographics, impact on GPA and how this influences “first generation” behaviors.

(view archive) Moving Forward – Wrap Up, Highlights and Next Steps
– Manny Mourtzanos