Flipgrid - A Communication Tool for Deeper Learning

Author(s): (OTC), Online Teaching Conference
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By Dayamudra Ann Dennehy, Creative Director and ESL Instructor, Jai Bhim International and CCSF and Co-presenter: Denise Maduli Williams -- "Flipgrid has been called the hottest new tech tool, but what is it? And how can we effectively use it in online and blended learning environments? This session will offer an overview of this video platform, showcase authentic student examples, and share tips for how to incorporate Flipgrid our student-centered lesson, and even encourage professional development. This session will be led by 2 veteran ESL instructors and will inspire faculty of any discipline to incorporate Flipgrid opportunities to increase communication, practice course content, assess student learning and allow for student reflection. The activities showcased can be applied to any discipline, and geared for novice users of technology with no prior experience with Flipgrid. Presenters will introduce Flipgrid as a learning tool, showcase model lessons, provide a live step-by-step demonstration, respond to audience questions and concerns and leave participants with an opportunity to join a live Flipgrid topic.To illustrate how Flipgrid can be integrated from before day one to the end of the semester, presenters will share assignments that evolves during the semester from beginning to end. Examples will include: student and teacher introductions, content and language learning highlights, formative and summative assessments reflections, and inter-class collaborations. Participants will also have a chance to record their own videos to the session’s Flipgrid and will be encouraged to continue sharing their experiences through an online site that will house the samples, assignments, and resources mentioned during the presentations."