OTC13: Create Your Own Free Digital Textbooks for All Your Classes

Author(s): Knight, Robert
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MyMathText is a fully integrated digital textbook composed of a Learning Management System (LMS)
and Collaborative Authoring Tool (CAT) which is completely compatible with Open Educational
Resources (OER) available for FREE on the web. MyMathText is completely FREE to teachers and
students using it. MyMathText utilizes the Socratic method of teaching by guiding the student through
the course with a series of homework questions which come complete with learning aids created by the
teacher for each particular question. These “real time” learning aids may be videos produced by the
teacher or others, You Tube videos, and/or pages from OER textbooks and/or OER websites.
MyMathText is the only digital textbook available today allowing for completely integrated accessibility
to OER materials helping students realize their complete educational potential and teachers completely
personalized courses because it is FREE.