CCC Board of Governors Meeting | January 2021

Monday, 01-19-2021 

Chancellor's Office | Zoom Webinar

1. Standing Orders of Business

1.1 Call to Order

1.2 Roll Call

1.3 Pledge of Allegiance

1.4 President's Report (video)

1.5 Chancellor's Report (video)

2. Closed Session

2.1 Closed Session with General Counsel

3. Consent Calendar (video)

3.1 November 16-17, 2020 Board Meeting Minutes

4. Action Calendar

4.1 Foundation Board Appointment (video)

4.2 Approval of Contracts and Grants (video)

5. First Reading

5.1 Proposed Regulatory Action on Distance Education Attendance (video)

6. Information and Reports

6.1 Board of Governors Energy and Sustainability Award Program (video)

6.2 Exemplary Program Awards (video)

6.3 Vision for Success Spotlight: Equitable Placement: AB 705 Implementation Update (video)

6.4 Release of the Governor's Budget and State and Federal Legislative Priorities (video)

6.5 Participatory Governance Handbook and Statewide Engagement (video)

6.6 Board Member Reports (video)

7. Public Forum

7.1 Public Forum (video)

8. Closing Items

8.1 Adjournment

More information including attachments can be found at BoardDocs Agenda.