CCC Board of Governors Meeting | March 2023

The March 20, 2023 

This event has ended. Archives will be posted when available, please check back soon.

1. Standing Orders of Business
1.1 Call to Order
1.2 Roll Call
1.3 Pledge of Allegiance
1.4 President's Report  (video)
1.5 Chancellor's Report  (video)

2. Closed Session
2.1 Closed Session with General Counsel

3. Consent Calendar (Amended)  (video)
3.1 January 23, 2023 Board Meeting Minutes
3.2 February 23, 2023 Board Meeting Minutes

4. Action Calendar  
4.1 Approval of Contracts and Grants  (video)
4.2 Board of Governors Meeting Date Amendment for September 2023  (video)
4.3 Foundation for California Community Colleges Board Appointment  (video)

5. First Reading
5.1 Proposed Regulatory Action: District Cost Recovery for Public Use of College Facilities and Grounds  (video)
5.2 Proposed Regulatory Action: Rising Scholars Network  (video)
5.3 Proposed Regulatory Action: Supervised Tutoring Program  (video)

6. Information and Reports
6.1 2022-23 Hayward Awards  (video)
6.2 Fall 2022 California Community Colleges Attendance Decisions Survey  (video)
6.3 Vision for Success Spotlight: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility Integration Plan Update  (video)
6.4 Statewide Information Technology Transformation and Security Update  (video)
6.5 Baccalaureate Degree Program Implementation Update (video)

6.6 State and Federal Update  (video)
6.7 Board Member Reports  (video)

7. Public Forum
7.1 Public Forum  (video)

8. Closing Items
8.1 Adjournment

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