Board of Governors Meeting | January 2014

Monday, January 13th

Consent Calendar (video)
Item 1.1 Approval of the Minutes
Item 1.2 Approval of Contracts and Grants
Item 1.3 Trustee Election Waiver at a Community College District (Attachment)
Item 1.4 Request for Waiver of Property Use Requirements: Sales, Lease, Use, Gift and Exchange

Action Calendar
Item 2.1 Financial Assistance Awards (Second Reading) (video)

Information and Reports Calendar
Item 3.1 Update on the Governor's 2014-15 Budget Proposal (video) (public comments)
Item 3.2 State and Federal Legislative Update (State Update) (Matrix) (Federal Update) (video)
Item 3.3 Foundation for California Community Colleges Work-Based Learning Initiatives: Building on Our Strengths (video)
Item 3.4 "I Can Afford College" Financial Aid Awareness Campaign Update and Preview of Redesigned Website (video)

Tuesday, January 14th

Closed Session
Public Employment (Government Code Section 11126)

Information and Reports
Item 4.1 Exemplary Program Awards (video - audio starts 5 minutes in)
Item 4.2 Update on Veterans Services and the California Community Colleges Veterans Summit III (video)
Item 4.3 Update on Student Success Initiative Implementation - State of the System, Scorecard Framework (Report) (video)
Item 4.4 Board Member Reports (video)