Board of Governors Meeting | January 2015

From Sacramento

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Consent Calendar (video)
Item 1.1    Approval of the Minutes
Item 1.2    Approval of Contracts and Grants
Item 1.3    Approval of Amended Bylaws - FCC   (Attachment)   

Action Calendar
Item 2.1    Nonresident Tuition Exemption - Regulations (Regulations) (video)
Item 2.2    Board of Governors Campus Visit for 2015 (video)
Item 2.3    Approval of Los Rios Community College District's Elk Grove Educational Center (video)
Item 2.4    Accreditation Regulations (Regulations) (Summary) (video)
Item 2.5    2015-16 Expenditure Plan (video)
Item 2.6    Baccalaureate Degree Pilot College Application Recommendations (video)

First Reading Calendar
Item 3.1    Baccalaureate Degree Pilot Program Fees (Attachment) (video)

Information and Reports
Item 4.1    Step:Forward Priorities Project-Student Awareness Campaign and System Integrated Website (video)
Item 4.2    State and Federal Legislative Update (State Report) (Election Report) (Federal Report) (Matrix) (video)
Item 4.3    Update on the Governor's 2015-16 Budget Proposal (video)
Item 4.4    Transfer Degrees (SB 1440) Final Report (ADT Attachment) (video)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Information and Reports
Item 4.5    2015 Exemplary Program Awards (video)
Item 4.6    2014 State of the System Report (video)
Item 4.7    Board Member Reports (video)

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