Board of Governors Meeting | May 2014

Monday, May 19th

Consent Calendar (video)
Item 1.1 March 3-4, 2014, Meeting Minutes
Item 1.2 Approval of Contracts and Grants
Item 1.3 Community College Real Estate Education Advancement Fund

Action Calendar
Item 2.1 Request for Approval for State Center Community College District to Pursue College Status for the
Willow International Community College Center (video)
Item 2.2 Request for Waiver of Property Use Requirements: Sales, Lease, Use, Gift and Exchange
(Attachment A, Attachment B, and Attachment C) (video)

First Reading
Item 3.1 Student Success and Support Program Funding (Notice) (video)
Item 3.2 Enrollment Priorities 2014 (Notice) (video)

Information and Reports
Item 4.1 Foundation for California Community Colleges: Regional and Statewide Resources for Students,
Colleges, College Foundations and the System (video)
Item 4.2 2014 Student Success Scorecard (Attachment A) (video)

Tuesday, May 20th

Information and Reports
Item 5.1 2014 Classified Employee of the Year Awards (video)
Item 5.2 Update on the Governor's 2014-15 may Revision Budget Proposal (video)
Item 5.3 State and Federal Legislative Update (State Report) (Matrix) (Federal Report) (video)
Item 5.4 Board Member Reports (video)