Math 141 Calculator video
Math 141 R.1 Sets and Properties
Math 141 R.2A Simplified form for polynomials radials negative exponents rational exp and complex fractions
Math 141 R.2B Absolute value and negative exponents
Math 141 R.2C Scientific notation and common algebraic errors
Math 141 R.2D Comparing quantitites evaluating and describing expressions
Math 141 R.3A Geometric formulas to know
Math 141 R.3B Geometric Applications
Math 141 R.3C More Geometric Applications
Math 141 R.4 Polynomials multiplying and dividing
Math 141 R.5A Factoring Overview
Math 141 R.5B Factoring by FOIL and prime polynomials
Math 141 R.5C Factoring by grouping and longer factoring problems
Math 141 R.5D More Factoring Problems
Math 141 R.6 Synthetic division
Math 141 R.7A Operations on Rational Expressions
Math 141 R.7B Complex Fractions
Math 141 R.7C Common Errors in simplifying rational expressions
Math 141 R.8A Operations on Radicals
Math 141 R.8B Rational Exponents
Math 141 R.8C New Factoring