Math 141 5.1A Power functions
Math 141 5.1B Graph polynomials using zeros and their multiplicities
Math 141 5.1C More on graphing polynomials using zeros and multiplicities
Math 141 5.2A Properties of rational functions
Math 141 5.2B Rational functions - domain and graphing using transformations
Math 141 5.3A Overview of graphing rational functions and behavior at asymptotes
Math 141 5.3B Graphing rational functions
Math 141 5.3C More on graphing rational functions
Math 141 5.4 Polynomial and Rational Inequalities
Math 141 5.5A Remainder theorem and factor theorem
Math 141 5.5B Given one zero find other zeros and Intermediate Value Theorem
Math 141 5.5C Intermediate Value Theorem and Rational Zero Test
Math 141 5.5D Finding zeros of a polynomial
Math 141 5.5E Explanations of the theorems involving zeros of polynomials
Math 141 5.6A Fundamental theorem of algebra - factoring over different sets of numbers
Math 141 5.6B Given a zero find the other zeros of a polynomial - complex
Math 141 5.6C Find the zeros of a polynomial function in the set of complex numbers