Math 141 6.1A Composition of functions
Math 141 6.1B Domain of the composition and decomposition
Math 141 6.2A Conditional statements and one to one functions
Math 141 6.2B Verifying functions are inverses and graphing inverse functions
Math 141 6.2C Find the inverse of a function
Math 141 6.2D More problems with inverse functions
Math 141 6.3A Exponential functions introduction
Math 141 6.3B Graphing exponential functions and solving exponential equations
Math 141 6.3C Graphing exponential functions on a exam and on MyMathLab
Math 141 6.4A Logarithmic functions and exponential form versus logarithmic form
Math 141 6.4B Common and natural logarithms and inverse properties of logarithms
Math 141 6.4C Graphing logarithmic functions
Math 141 6.4D Domain of logarithms and more problems with logarithms
Math 141 6.5A Properties of logarithms
Math 141 6.5B Change of base formula
Math 141 6.5C Expanding and combining logarithms
Math 141 6.6A Solving exponential equations
Math 141 6.6B Solving logarithmic equations
Math 141 6.7A Compound interest part one
Math 141 6.7B Compound interest part two
Math 141 6.8 Exponential Growth and Decay