Math 141 9.1A Introduction to sequences
Math 141 9.1B Introduction to series
Math 141 9.1C Properties and formulas for series
Math 141 9.1D Practice with sequences and series
Math 141 9.2A Arithmetic Sequences part one
Math 141 9.2B Arithmetic Sequesces part two
Math 141 9.3A Geometric sequences a sub n formula
Math 141 9.3B Geometric series S sub n formula
Math 141 9.3C Geometric series examples
Math 141 9.3D Infinite geometric series
Math 141 9.4A Principle of mathematical induction
Math 141 9.4B Math Induction Proof Examples 1 thru 3
Math 141 9.4C Math Induction Proof Examples 4 and 5
Math 141 9.5A Binomial Theorem
Math 141 9.5B Applying the binomial theorem