☛THE MASTER RACE☚ Ujima presentation @ Pasadena City College

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i am an artist -

WARNING - presumptuousness is bad for your health - listen first then judge

hoping to become stable so that i can help other Veterans, do more art, write the book that speaks to the PTSD , i hold a Bachelors in Social Work, and hope to be able to start Grad School in 2015,

i am a Skid Row artist - just due to disabilities - please help with the dream to get off of skid row - and to become a real artist, by the support of the people...

☂ like the ART page - http://3kennethjames3.wordpress.com
please then follow the link, and invite the who world (others to like the page)
☂ buy box of 10 or 25 cards on Valentines and/or 8/29 http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/1-kenneth-james.html ...

i also have over 200 pieces of art that U can buy in different mediums:
cards, (acrylic, metal, and regular) canvasses,

i am a disabled Veteran and have been homeless for years, and still on skid row LA , my dream is to be able to get off of skid row-even though i have lost all my jobs due to disabilities and have been victimized by criminals who ... well the evil people can do...

but when i am stable, i will be able to address this better - professionally expose them. i shall also be able to create larger scale art, find a studio and a gallery, and help many other people with my Art Therapy Workshops