Winter 2013 ICT Educator Conference - Using Interactive Module to Teach Digital Media Students

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"Using an Interactive Animated Module to Teach Animation Principles to Community
College Digital Media Students"

Daniel Boulos,
Assistant Professor
University of Hawaii, Manoa,
Honolulu, Hawaii
This instructional design project tested the value of a Flash animated, interactive module in teaching animation principles in the Leeward Community College Digital (LCC) Media Department, University of Hawaii. Studies have indicated that modern learners are less focused over long periods of time and are accustomed to multiple streams of simultaneous information. Evidence from small group testing of the module indicated students benefited from this interactive approach.

The presentation will consist of three elements. First a brief overview will be given of the
instructional design project that led to the development of the Flash interactive module. This will include an overview of the learners involved, the learning out comes for the curriculum and the rational for the approach. Second there will be a walk-through of how the module was created and the creation of several of the key sub-components.

The module utilized voice recordings, video clips, illustrated video clips, interactive buttons and illustrations. Finally the attendees will be guided through the creation of a simple Flash interaction from a digital packet of provided materials. The presentation will last 20 minutes with 25 minutes remaining for the hands-on component.