Winter 2013 ICT Educator Conference - EMC Academic Alliance's Storage & Cloud Courses

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***At 38:13, the visual/power point presentation gets cut off during the presentation. However, the audio has been retained. Sorry for the inconvenience.***

Kim Yohannan
Academic Alliance
Manager, EMC Corporation

Rich Weeks
President, Network Development Group (NDG)
The need for ICT students to learn about storage and cloud computing has become mainstream in the era of server virtualization and the deployments of cloud infrastructures. In this session, EMC will briefly explain the 4 technology-based courses (storage, cloud, big data analytics and backup & recovery) available to EAA participants. NDG will present and demo the NETLAB+ storage lab library as well as share plans for the cloud library scheduled to be released early Summer 2013.

EMC and NDG will present a virtual lab environment designed to introduce students to storage networking technologies and cloud computing infrastructures. This virtual environment can be hosted by academic institutions to complete labs for the EMC Academic Alliance, VMware IT Academy, and general IT courses. Instructors will have the opportunity to sign-up for access to it to complete the ISM labs at their own pace. Instructors will see a demo of the storage labs using the virtual environment. In addition, they will have an opportunity to sign-up for access to the virtual environment to complete the ISM labs at their own pace. The audience will be asked to provide input to a proposed hands-on cloud computing lab library under development. NDG will present a new NETLAB+ cloud computing lab library designed to be used with EMC Academic Alliance and VMware IT Academy courses. All courses are available for academic institutions to adopt asparticipants of the EMC Academic Alliance or VMware I.