Winter 2013 ICT Educator Conference - Dr. Tracey Wilen-Daugenti & James Jones

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Keynote Presenter:
"Society 3.0, Technology Transformations in Society, Work and Higher Education"
-Dr. Tracey Wilen-Daugenti (VP and Managing Director, Apollo Research Institute)

Society 3.0 explores how rapid, technology-fueled changes in society & work are creating new requirements for educators & employers. Participants will learn what it will take to service today's modern workforce & how individuals can take an active role in
making sure they stay employable. It offers a 3-part glimpse into the future of work, higher education, & workers' role in continuous skill development—& ways to capitalize on these transformations to ensure personal & national prosperity.

Society 3.0 explores how rapid changes in society and work fueled by technology are creating new pressures on employers and educators to change. These pressures include an increased demand for an educated and skilled workforce, technology relevancy, and a propensity for lifelong learning. The 21st century requires preparing students for current and future employment to ensure personal and national prosperity.

Society 3.0 reviews some of the current trends and shifts in the workforce that change the way that educators and employers need to service today's modern workforce. Our new society requires that individuals take an active part in their own personal development. Participants will learn about the societal changes and technology innovations that are driving these transformations, as well as glimpse the future of work, of higher education, and of the individual's role in staying employable throughout a life-
spanning career.
"Doing What Matters for ICT Education"
-James Jones, Executive Director, Mid-Pacific ICT Center (MPICT)

The world has changed. ICT has infiltrated and changed society, businesses, industries and personal lives. Education needs to change also.

This event is about showcasing issues, opportunities, resources and practices that make adifference in ICT education.

Learn how to get the most out of this event.