Maximizing OEI Opportunities and the Course Design Rubric on Our Campus

Author(s): Colon, Melissa
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“A rising tide lifts all boats.” How does Columbia College, a small rural college with a growing list of online offerings, fit into the Online Education Initiative Tutoring Pilot? Columbia College was selected to participate in the Online Tutoring Services Pilot group, along with 7 other colleges, to pilot effective online tutoring services and we would like to share “lessons learned.”

All courses proposed to be in the Online Tutoring Pilot and Online Exchange are reviewed beforehand using a robust course design rubric. This course design rubric has helped to shape the standards and quality of all our courses as well as the overall Distance Education Program at Columbia College. Our involvement in the Online Tutoring Pilot has helped us explore and cultivate local online tutoring solutions within our Academic Achievement Center.

How We Have Maximized the OEI Opportunities and Course Design Rubric on our campus:
– Volunteer Course Design Reviews Using the OEI Course Design Rubric
– Different Instructors Highlighting Each Rubric Design Category in a Distance Education Newsletter
– Workshops For Faculty Using the Online Course Design Rubric
– Distance Education Summit and Basic Skills Workshop