Chapter 14 - Slides 01-22 - Retirement Planning; Retirement Accounts: 401(k)'s, Roth IRA, etc. - Fall 2016

Author(s): Paiano, Frank
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“Why should I think about retirement planning now? I have plenty of time!” That is what many younger adults ask themselves as they struggle to manage their current, day-to-day money management tasks. The answer is simple: If you don’t start planning now, your options become fewer and fewer and your choices become harder and harder. As we will learn in this presentation, more and more of the burden of providing an income in retirement is being placed squarely upon the shoulder of employees. It is not all bad news. In fact, the opportunities are there to create a substantial retirement income, especially if we start early and invest wisely. The pitfalls are also great, especially we fail to start early or invest poorly or as is often with case with too many individuals, do both. The good news if you do start early, you will be surprised at how little you need to sock away to have a substantial nest egg for your retirement. Start planning now! Start saving now!


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