COMMST 111 • Video Lecture • Online Learning Module 3.1 • Fundamentals of Language

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Video Lecture to accompany Module 3: Language. CONCEPTS: language, sign, symbol, phonetic rules, phonological rules, syntactical rules, semantic rules, pragmatic rules, Triangle of Meaning, Charles Ogden, I.A. Richards, referent, reference, 'Words don't have meaning; people have meaning,' denotation, connotation, the word 'moist,' word aversion, colloquialism, euphemism, dysphemism, dialect, African American Vernacular English (AAVE), slang, jargon, idiom, idiomatic expression, pigdin, creole, lingua franca, Mediterranean Lingua Franca, English as the world's lingua franca, doublespeak, double entendre, equivocation, abstraction, abstraction ladder, abstract language, concrete language