COMMST 111 • Video Lecture • Online Learning Module 4.6 • Fundamentals of Nonverbal Communication Using Examples from Objectics

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Video Lecture to accompany Module 4: Nonverbal Communication. CONCEPTS: kinesics, oculesics, olfactics, chronemics, proxemics, haptics, vocalics, objectics, personal artifacts, body adornment, body modification, intentional and unintentional nature of nonverbal communication, clothing consciousness, impression management, communicative value, emblem, emblematic behavior associated with engagement and wedding rings, emotive communication, role of nonverbal behavior among low context communicators, five functions of nonverbal communication, signalling, Albert Mehrabian, the '55-38-7' rule, reciprocal interaction, ambiguity of meaning, norm bound behavior, prison tattoos, Padaung people, wang (brass coil collar), Suri people, lip plate, Apatani tribe, nose plug, scarification, branding, teeth filing, yaeba, 'bagel head,' foot binding, corseting, artificial cranial deformation, breast ironing, female genital mutilation, relationship between culture and nonverbal behavior