An Equity-Minded, Visually-Appealing, Smart Use of the Canvas Syllabus

Author(s): (OTC), Online Teaching Conference
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By Fabiola Torres, Instructor of Ethnic Studies, Glendale Community College and Co-presenter: Lene Whitley-Putz -- "Many of us recognize that our syllabus is not the most exciting aspect of our online course, but we may not recognize the ways our syllabus sets the tone for our class, and, in an online course, the ways the syllabus affects our students’ perceptions of our teaching style and our expectations. In fact, our syllabus may be creating a very bad first impression! In this presentation, we’ll discuss the features of an equity-minded, student-centered syllabus, and explore why that is important in online learning. In addition, we’ll demonstrate how you can build an equity-minded, visually-appealing syllabus using the Canvas Syllabus tool, and we’ll provide Canvas resources to help you design and develop your own equity-minded syllabus. Your students will thank you."