A&L/WOLM- I Got up to Leave: Time Travel and Trauma in Octavia Butler's Kindred

Author(s): Media Services, SRJC
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NOTICE: Captions not currently available due to known 3CMedia catastrophic hardware failure on November 30, 2018. Captions will appear with the video again when solution found. If this title is essential to your course, please email media@santarosa.edu for a caption file for transcript.

Science Fiction and Fantasy authors have long grappled with the desire to alter a traumatic past, present, or future through time travel narratives. In Octavia Butler's brilliant novel Kindred, this journey leads to a full realization of the trauma of slavery, its resonance in the present and unpalatable choices that allow us to understand our own socio-historical selves. Join us for a look at time travel and this novel's captivating insights.

Presenter: English Faculty John Kincheloe