Arts and Lectures - Indian Mathematics: History, Perspectives & its Contributions...

Author(s): Media Services, SRJC
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Full title: Indian Mathematics: History, Perspectives & its Contributions to Our Current Understanding

Dean Gooch, SRJC Mathematics Instructor shares his observations and discoveries from a recent sabbatical trip to India in the October 8, 2018 Arts & Lectures series presentation in Newman Auditorium at Santa Rosa Junior College.

Mathematics has been part of the religious writings of India for about four thousand years. The archives containing these ancient mathematical documents and the commentaries of these mathematical documents are particularly interesting as the people of the Indian subcontinent have made major contributions to our current understanding of mathematics, including trigonometry, geometry and the basics of calculus. The people of this region have a very different view of how mathematics evolved, and for centuries, their mathematics teaching traditions have been very strong. Learn about some of the primary known documents of this region and how they are viewed and used today.


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