Collaborative Annotation: Connecting with Texts Using a Reading Apprenticeship Framework

Author(s): (OTC), Online Teaching Conference
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Liz du Plessis, Faculty and Instructional Designer, CVC-OEI with Co-presenters: Julie Gamberg, Distance Education, Faculty Development Coordinator, Glendale Community College and Christopher Collins, Instructor, Skyline College | Digital annotation tools offer news ways to foster collaboration and digital literacy skills.
In this session, a panel of CCC faculty share their experiences piloting the free Hypothesis LTI app in Canvas using a Reading Apprenticeship framework. Hypothesis is an open-source, collaborative annotation software that enables students to highlight text on any web page or PDF, insert annotations, and reply to others. Annotations can include text, images, and video for multimedia storytelling and analysis. Hypothesis provides an engaging alternative to discussion forums for activities centered on a text.

The faculty panel will provide examples of how to combine collaborative annotation with Reading Apprenticeship (RA) strategies to guide students in discipline-specific ways of engaging with texts, from historical interpretation to rhetorical analysis.