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Congratulations to Sierra College students Crystal Rodriguez & Corey Meshack.

Crystal Rodriguez of the Umoja Club of Sierra College received the $1000 Viewer's Choice Award for her "Project Unity" video about developing innovative solutions to improve student success., a millennial (Generation Y) activist group, convened 100 millennial northern California community college students at the Target 2020 Summit to discuss the challenges they face in completing their education and to collaborate on sustainable community solutions to address them.

Recognizing the lack of attention to diversity at Sierra College, Project Unity hopes to implement a program to help lost students build their self esteem and get back on the right academic track by setting goals for improvement.

In an effort to reverse the high dropout rates of students of color at Sierra College, Project Unity will help keep African-American and students from other cultures on track to graduate on time, successfully transfer to a 4-year university, and improve their math and English skills. The program will be modeled after the Umoja SANKOFA Scholars Program that currently exists on community college campuses around the state.