Process Technology Training at Los Medanos College

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Announcer: From Los Medanos College, to work..your new career begins in the PTEC program..where you can get the training you need for a highly skilled job.starting at 45 to 65 thousand dollars per year.

In the Los Medanos Process Technology program, you will benefit from a unique and up-to-date curriculum designed by industry for industry.

In as little as 18 months, you could become a refinery or chemical plant operator making great money right here in the Bay Area. Operators run the manufacturing plants. The work is exciting and pays as much or more than graduates of four year colleges can make. Fully qualified operators can make a 6 figure yearly income by working over-time.

No other college in this area provides this education and training needed to obtain these high-skill, high-wage, and high-demand local jobs.

Testimonial Ed Sheppard: The equipment here is first-rate; its modern, the campus is clean and bright, and theyve got a bunch of new buildings here. Theyve got labs, half the time we are in class, were in labs getting hands-on experience, so that once we get into refineries, or wherever we might be working, we already have the experience from working with the labs.

Announcer: The curriculum is a combination of hands-on laboratories, classroom lectures, and site visits. The instructors all work in the industry or are recently retired from the manufacturing industry. In the lab you will work with the same equipment used in the local companies and be ready for a job once Certified.

These rewarding local positions are perfect for anyone seeking a career change, students deciding on a career path or anyone interested in a great job!

Testimonial Ed Sheppard: I was laid off last year and was looking for a career change, and I found out through the Los Medanos website that the PTEC program was available and decided to investigate a little bit more and discovered that it was developed in conjunction with local industries so that when Im done with the program Ill be able to find a great job with great pay and benefits and retirement, locally, right here, very close to my home, where Im already established with my wife, kids, and mortgage.

Announcer: Chemical and refinery operators monitor and control the equipment that produces gasoline and other products that the world needs. Operators work outside as well as inside. They work with their heads as well as their hands. The work is not heavy; although operators are required to lift about 50 pounds from time to time and climb stairs and ladders every day.

Surveys conducted by the PTEC industry advisory board at Los Medanos College indicate that our region will need to recruit and hire 100 to 150 process technicians each year for the foreseeable future. There are more jobs than graduates.

Los Medanos College is one of forty five colleges nation wide offering operator training but the only one in Northern California. You could use your PTEC credential to find a great job in California or elsewhere in the United States.

These lucrative careers are awaiting highly skilled men and women who are seeking great salaries and excellent benefit packages in a clean environment.

Many women find Process Technology to be a worthwhile and rewarding career choice. Currently, about 10% of the industrial operator workforce is women. Consider PTEC if you would like a stable, secure career that is active and challenging.

Process Technicians work together in small teams to produce valuable products safely and while protecting the environment. Very often these teams become as close as families. Teamwork is critical both in the Los Medanos College PTEC program and in industry.

Your local community college Los Medanos College is now able to offer you this training at a fraction of the cost of private colleges. Financial aid is available for qualified students. Our goal is to train members of our community for jobs in our community and beyond. Our PTEC program offers you the opportunity to graduate with a Certificate of Achievement in just three semesters or an Associate of Science degree is also available.

Whether you are just starting your career or are looking for a change, your new career begins with the Los Medanos College Process Technology Program.