Please note that we had to cut the screening of the film, Misfits, due to copyright issues. The Q&A still covers a lot of information. Ciani Rey Walker is a writer/director whose mission is to tell stories that give audiences a new lens through which to see the world, whether that be a less-covered aspect of an event/era or through the eyes of an underrepresented group. Her short-film titled Misfits is about two sisters who learn that their friend has kidnapped a cop on the night of MLK Jr.’s assassination. The two sisters and leaders of the Black Panther Party must set aside their differences to navigate one of the most turbulent nights in history. Misfits is regarded as one of the top short films to stream at the 2020 National Film Festival for Talented Youth (NFFTY). Coordinated by Rhonda Findling. Co-Sponsored by SR Intercultural Center.