Santa Rosa Junior College Arts & Lectures and Women's History Month presents: Telling Her Story - Stephanie Robillard  Monday, March 1, 2021 "One anti-racist pedagogy move secondary English teachers are encouraged to make is adopting young adult multicultural literature (YAML) written by those from that community. Multicultural literature allows for those who are rarely the protagonist in narratives to see themselves reflected back as through a mirror and provides an opportunity for others to see in as through a window (Sims Bishop, 1990). YAML that centers girls and young women as protagonists are all the more vital in depicting the real possibilities and challenges that they face in the world. Stephanie Robillard will discuss some of the findings from her recent study on the challenges a first-year teacher encountered when attempting to introduce contemporary young adult multicultural literature into her classroom. Findings presented address the ways in which adolescent girls are depicted in YAML - whose stories are told, the types of stories forefronted, and how teachers can ensure that greater representation is available."

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