3CMedia Solutions-Closed Captioning+Video-File Hosting-Free and Legal!

This site is a great place to host all of your online course content-for free. Not only that, but 3C Media.org is a wonderful source for all CC faculty, especially those of us who use many videos in our online courses which also need to be closed captioned. There is presently no charge to receive their video closed captioning services, which are entirely paid through a CA Community college grant. At this time, 3C Media is still currently taking submissions to close-caption instructors videos. Note: This grant will not last forever! The turn-around is quick: only 2-4 days, and the captioning quality is excellent. In addition to closed captioning, the site allows instructors to host all of their other large audio, video and presentation documents, with no fees, file size constraints or maximum file storage limits. This is all without ANY advertising. The site is also very secure and safe. Also Note: To receive this service, you must first set up a user account and password. Additionally, You can only upload your own non-copyright-protected (educational) videos directly onto 3C Media's site in order to receive captioning. (You CANNOT simply "link" to a You Tube Video). This site is a great place to host all of your online course content!

You can download the video file using the link below. Please note this is a temporary link available only for a short time. A new temporary download link can be requested from this page at any time.

Download: 3CMedia_Solutions-Closed_CaptioningVideo-File_Hosting-Free_and_Legal.mp4

Download Captions: 3CMedia_Solutions-Closed_CaptioningVideo-File_Hosting-Free_and_Legal.vtt