Every Hand's a Winner: Increasing Course Quality with POCR

In fall 2014 the Online Education Initiative began a peer review process for all courses entering the OEI Exchange in an effort to raise student success by ensuring and improving course quality. When designing the peer review process, we hypothesized that even seasoned online faculty going through peer review would learn much about designing quality online courses. What we did not anticipate, however, is that the entire review team would learn just as much as the faculty whose course was being reviewed. This panel presentation will walk you through the OEI/@ONE Peer Online Course Review (POCR) process from the perspective of an instructor whose course was reviewed, a peer online course reviewer, and the review coordinator, focusing on the impact the review process had on each member of the “team.” Our goal is two-fold—to share the stories and impact of the OEI review process, and to inspire campuses to begin their own local POCR clubs.