Canvas Klatch (19 August 2016)

This Canvas Klatch meeting was held for Gregory Beyrer's Introduction to Teaching with Canvas Klatch for @ONE. Here is a rough index of topics covered: 01:00 (about the tool I used to conduct the office hour) -- 05:30 (different names for the same tool in Canvas) -- 07:00 (LTI integrations, answering a question about Turnitin) -- 13:00 (bringing quiz questions over from Blackboard and the differences between Quiz and Question Banks) -- 21:40 (resources for course migration from the Online Education Initiative) -- 25:00 (using Canvas as a wiki) -- 32:10 (comparing Canvas to other systems and my thoughts on the migration process) -- 40:10 (how to install and share a home page template (covers Community and Commons)) -- 55:00 (how I would add a PowerPoint presentation to Canvas)