CCC Board of Governors Meeting | Calbright College Board of Trustees | September 2019

CCC Board of Governors Meeting


• Board of Governors Campus Tour of Riverside City College

Standing Orders of Business

  • Roll Call
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • President’s Report (video)
  • Chancellor’s Report (video)

Consent Calendar (video)

Item 1.1: July 20-21, 2019, Board Meeting Minutes (Dr. Daisy Gonzales) This item presents the July 15-16, 2019 Board meeting minutes for review and approval by the Board of Governors.

Item 1.2: Request for Waiver of Statutes Related to Lease of Property (Christian Osmeña) This item requests approval of a request made by the San Bernardino Community College District Board of Trustees to waive public bid auction requirements specified in existing statutes as part of the district’s plan to lease portions of the district properties located in the City of San Bernardino.


Item 2.1: Approval of Contracts and Grants (Dr. Daisy Gonzales) This item recommends that the Board of Governors approve entering into the contracts and grants described in the September 2019 agenda.(video)

Item 2.2: Credit for Prior Learning Regulation Changes (Marty Alvarado) The Chancellor’s Office in partnership with the Credit for Prior Learning Advisory Committee and the California Community Colleges Curriculum Committee is recommending revisions to title 5 Section 55050. (video)

Item 2.3: Proposed Change to Extended Opportunities Programs and Services Regulations (Marty Alvarado) This item is a second reading and public hearing of a proposed amendment to title 5 regulations related to Extended Opportunity Programs and Services eligibility requirements. (video)

Item 2.4: Regulations Concerning Funding for Districts Experiencing Emergencies (Christian Osmeña) This item is a second reading of proposed amendments to existing regulations related to funding for districts experiencing emergencies. (video)

Item 2.5: Academic Senate 50 Year Anniversary (Marty Alvarado) This item recommends the adoption of a resolution recognizing the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges for 50 years of service for the Board of Governors’ approval. (video)

Item 2.6: Board Resolution Declaring October 14-18, 2019 as Undocumented Student Action Week (Laura Metune) This item presents for consideration a resolution to declare October 14-18, 2019, as Undocumented Student Action Week and every third week of October thereafter. (video)

Item 2.7: Proposed Amendments to Board Procedures and Standing Orders Concerning Board Member Conduct (Marc LeForestier) Board President Epstein has requested a proposal to update the Board Procedures and Standing Orders governing Board member conduct. (video)

Item 2.8: Recommendations from the Vision for Success Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force This item provides the Board of Governors with an update and recommendations from the Vision for Success Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task force. (video)

Item 2.9: Budget and Legislative Request for 2020-21 (Christian Osmeña) Consider approval of the 2020-21 Budget and Legislative Request for the California Community Colleges. (video)

First Reading 

Item 3.1: Nomination of 2020 Board Officers (Dr. Daisy Gonzales) This item calls for the nomination of the Board of Governors officers for the 2020 calendar year. (video)

Information and Reports

Item 4.1: Vision for Success Spotlight: Riverside City College (Dr. Daisy Gonzales) This item highlights Riverside City College and the regional implementation of guided pathways at Riverside Community College District. (video)

Item 4.2: Fiscal Condition of the Peralta Community College District (Christian Osmeña) This item follows on items at previous meetings regarding the Board of Governors’ responsibilities related to the fiscal condition of community college districts. (video)

Item 4.3: Discussion on Affordable Student Housing (Christian Osmeña) This item is intended to provide some initial information to support a discussion on issues related to affordable student housing in the California Community Colleges and to hear updates on the work of the Community College League of California Affordability, Food, and Housing Access Taskforce.(video)

Item 4.4: State and Federal Update (Laura Metune) This item provides the Board of Governors with an update on state and federal policy and advocacy activities, and an overview of bills recommended for Chancellor’s Office policy positions. (video)

Item 4.5: Participatory Governance and Statewide Engagement (Dr. Daisy Gonzales) This item responds to a request by the Board of Governors to report on all statewide participatory governance structures by the Chancellor’s Office, including statewide advisory committees, workgroups, and task forces.  Moved to November Meeting

Item 4.6: Board Member Reports (Eloy Ortiz Oakley) Board of Governors members will report on their activities since the July 2019 meeting. (video)

Public Forum

Monday September 16, 2019 (video)

Tuesday September 17, 2019 (video)

New Business



Calbright College Board of Trustees
Tuesday, September 17, 2019 
11:00am - 4:00pm 

Public Meeting Location:
Riverside City College  

Concert Hall, Coil School for the Arts 
3890 University Ave., Riverside, CA 92501

Roll Call
Pledge of Allegiance
Discussion of the Order of the Agenda
BOT President's Report  
CEO's Report  (video)

1. Order of Business
1.1 Procedure 

2. Closed Session
2.1 Closed Session (video)
3. Consent Agenda (video)
4. Action
4.1 Public Vote on Executive Hire (video)
4.2 RFP: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System (video)
4.3 RFP: Learner Market Research Contract (video)
4.4 RFP: Online Tutoring (video)
4.5 Learner Device Provisioning (video)
4.6 Auxiliary Foundation - Administrative Procedures 3600 + Service Agreement + Board Oversight (video)
5. First Reading 
5.1 Position and Salary Schedule Moved to next meeting
6. Information
6.1 Introduction to Calbright’s Job Competency Training Model Moved to next meeting
7. Public Forum
7.1 Public Forum (video)
8. Adjournment
8.1 Meeting Adjournment

CCC Board of Governors Meeting | January 2024

The January 22, 2024 Board of Governors 

1. Standing Orders of Business

1.1 Call to Order
1.2 Roll Call
1.3 Pledge of Allegiance
1.4 President's Report  (video)
1.5 Chancellor's Report  (video)  Lyzette Navarette  (video)


2. Closed Session

2.1 Closed Session with General Counsel


3. Consent Calendar  (video)

3.1 November 13, 2023, Board Meeting Minutes


4. Action Calendar

4.1 Approval of Contracts and Grants  (video)
4.2 Adoption of Board of Governors Meeting Accessibility Procedure   (video)
4.3 2024 Board of Governors Campus Visit  (video)
4.4 Board of Governors Meeting Dates for 2025 (video)
4.5 Equitable Placement: Approval Of English as a Second Language Vendor Placement Assessments  (video)

5. First Reading

5.1 Proposed Regulatory Action: Standardized Attendance Accounting Regulatory Action  (video)

6. Information and Reports

6.1 2023-24 Exemplary Program Awards: Excellence in Promotion and Advancement of Ethnic Studies  (video)
6.2 Foundation for California Community Colleges Annual Report  (video)
6.3 2024-25 Proposed State Budget Update  (video)
6.4 State and Federal Update  (video)
6.5 Vision 2030: Annual Update  (video)
6.6 Generative AI Educational Session 2  (video)
6.7 Rising Scholars Network Demonstration Project  (video
6.8 Board Member Reports and Recognitions  (video)

7. Public Forum

7.1 Public Forum  (video)


8. Closing Items

8.1 Adjournment

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