CCC Board of Governors Meeting | July 2017

Monday, July 17, 2017

Consent Calendar
Item 1.1    Approval of the May 15, 2017, Board Meeting Minutes (video)

Action Calendar
Item 2.1    Approval of Contracts and Grants (video)
Item 2.2    Amended Expenditure Plan for SB 1402 - Economic & Workforce Development Program (video)
Item 2.3    Guided Pathways Grant Program (video)
Item 2.4    Recognition of Compton College as an Accredited College within the California Community College System (Resolution) (video)
Item 2.5    Request to Change Election System at the Chaffey Community College District (Resolution) (Attachment) (video)
Item 2.6    Strategic Vision (video) (public comments)
Item 2.7    Institutional Effectiveness, Framework of Indicators (Attachment 1) (Attachment 2) (video)
Item 2.8    Regulations Governing Standards & Criteria for Courses; Approval of Credit Courses & Programs; Conditions for Claiming Attendance (Attachment 1) (Attachment 2) (Attachment 3) (video)
Item 2.9    Minimum Qualifications Handbook, Disciplines List, New Discipline: Public Safety (Attachment) (video)
Item 2.10  California Community Colleges 2018-19 Five-Year Capital Outlay Plan and the Annual 2018-19 Capital Outlay Spending Plan (Attachment 1) (Attachment 2) (Attachment 3) (video)

Information and Reports
Item 3.1    Overview of the Enacted 2017-18 Budget (video)
Item 3.2    State and Federal Legislative Update (State Update) (Matrix) (Federal Update) (Attachment 1) (Attachment 2) (video)
Item 3.3    Board Member Reports (video)

Tuesday, July 18, 2017*

1. Strategic Vision
2. Guided Pathways (video)
3. Key Data for Improving Student Outcomes (video)
4. Open Discussion
5. Review Proposed BOG Goals and Commitments

*While effort was made to segment Retreat agenda items, it was not always possible. The Retreat can be viewed in it's entirety from here: (Part A) (Part B).


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