COCC Board of Trustees & CCC Board of Governors Meeting | March 2019


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Monday, 3/18/2019 The Board of Trustees will meet from 9:00 AM to 12:00PM

*all times are approximate and subject to change

The items on this agenda will be discussed at the upcoming California Online Community College District Board of Trustees Meeting.

1. Feb. 6, 2019 Meeting Minutes (Action Item) (video)
2. Online College Update (Information(video)
3. CTO Contract (Action Item) (Attachment(video)
4. Contract for Executive Searches with The Leadership Group, INC. (Action Item) (Attachment(video)

Consent Agenda (Items 5, 6, 7) 

5. Board Policies, Chapter 6: Business and Fiscal Affairs (Action Item) (Attachment(video)
6. CalSTRS Application and Related Resolutions (Action Item) (Attachment(video)
7. Approval of Establishment of Bank Account (Action Item) (Attachment(video)

8. BoardDocs Training (Information(video)




Monday, 03/18/2019 (12:00 PM to 5:00 PM*)
*all times are approximate and subject to change


President's Report (video)

Chancellor's Report (video)

Consent Calendar
Item 1.1    Approval of the January 14, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes (video)

Action Calendar
Item 2.1   Approval of Contracts and Grants (video)
Item 2.2   Proposed Amendments to the Procedures and Standing Orders of the Board of Governors (Attachment 1) (Attachment 2(video)
Item 2.3   Second Reading: AB 705 Regulation (Attachment 1) (Attachment 2) (Attachment 3(video)
Item 2.4   Request from State Center Community College District to Pursue College Status for the Madera Community College Center (video)
Item 2.5   Request to Change Election System at the Siskiyou Joint Community College District (Attachment 1(video)
Item 2.6   Foundation for California Community Colleges Board Appointments (video)

Information and Reports
Item 3.1    2018-19 Hayward Award (video)
Item 3.2    2019 State of the System Report (video)
Item 3.3    Resolution for California Community College Month (Attachment 1(video)
Item 3.4    Vision for Success Spotlight: Guided Pathways Student Perspective (video)
Item 3.5    Compliance with the Fifty Percent Law  (Moved to May)
Item 3.6    Update on Implementation of the Student Centered Funding Formula (Attachment 1(video)
Item 3.7    State and Federal Legislative Update (Federal update) (State update) (Legislative Matrix(video)
Item 3.8    Board Member Reports (video)

Public Forum (video)

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CCC Board of Governors Meeting | January 2024

The January 22, 2024 Board of Governors 

1. Standing Orders of Business

1.1 Call to Order
1.2 Roll Call
1.3 Pledge of Allegiance
1.4 President's Report  (video)
1.5 Chancellor's Report  (video)  Lyzette Navarette  (video)


2. Closed Session

2.1 Closed Session with General Counsel


3. Consent Calendar  (video)

3.1 November 13, 2023, Board Meeting Minutes


4. Action Calendar

4.1 Approval of Contracts and Grants  (video)
4.2 Adoption of Board of Governors Meeting Accessibility Procedure   (video)
4.3 2024 Board of Governors Campus Visit  (video)
4.4 Board of Governors Meeting Dates for 2025 (video)
4.5 Equitable Placement: Approval Of English as a Second Language Vendor Placement Assessments  (video)

5. First Reading

5.1 Proposed Regulatory Action: Standardized Attendance Accounting Regulatory Action  (video)

6. Information and Reports

6.1 2023-24 Exemplary Program Awards: Excellence in Promotion and Advancement of Ethnic Studies  (video)
6.2 Foundation for California Community Colleges Annual Report  (video)
6.3 2024-25 Proposed State Budget Update  (video)
6.4 State and Federal Update  (video)
6.5 Vision 2030: Annual Update  (video)
6.6 Generative AI Educational Session 2  (video)
6.7 Rising Scholars Network Demonstration Project  (video
6.8 Board Member Reports and Recognitions  (video)

7. Public Forum

7.1 Public Forum  (video)


8. Closing Items

8.1 Adjournment

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