Student Success & Support Program Implementation Summit

Date:    September 23-24, 2013
Schedule of Live Events
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MONDAY, September 23rd

10a.m. – 11:30a.m.  Opening Remarks (video archive)

Deputy Chancellor Erik Skinner and Vice Chancellor Linda Michalowski

  • Welcome
  • Big Picture- The National and State Imperative

Keynote Speaker: Terry O’Banion: The Completion Agenda
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Session Description: Based on his best-selling monograph, Access, Success,and Completion: A Primer for Community College Faculty,Administrators,Staff, and Trustees, Terry O’Banion will provide context for why the Completion Agenda has become the overarching mission of the community college and will suggest six Student Success Guidelines based on research that provide a robust foundation for student success.

Handouts: (Guideline to Boosting Student Success | Learning, Teaching, and College Completion AACC | O'Banion Wilson - The Case for On-Time Registration | The Completion Agenda To What End | Updating the Traditional Academic Advising Model for the 21st Century)

12:45p.m. – 2:15p.m.   General Session
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Session Description:  Linda Michalowski, Vice Chancellor for Student Services and Special Programs, will provide an overview of the new SSSP legislative and regulatory requirements, funding formula, and SSSP reporting requirements. The session will also include an update on priority enrollment, Student Equity reporting, the status of plans to develop statewide technology support for common assessment and education planning, the online education initiative, and a new SSSP Student Communication website and messaging tool that is being developed with the support of the Foundation for California Community Colleges and the Kresge Foundation.

2:30p.m. - 3:45p.m. Breakout A

A1: The Yellow Brick Road and the Art of FYE: Examples of Partnerships and Technology 
(click here for presentation file, Mt. San Antonio College) (click here for presentation file, Palomar College) (video archive)

A2: Summer Advantage: A Developmental Model for Strengthening K-12 and Community College Partnerships 
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A3: Embedded Interventions: Providing Support Services in Basic Skills Classes to Advance Student Success 
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A4: The Students’ Experience: The College’s Real Success
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A5: Directing Students to Achieving Goals with an Integrated Student Education Plan 
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A6: Student Success and Support Program Nuts and Bolts: Q & A 
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4:00p.m. - 5:15p.m. Breakout B

B1: Completion Counts
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B2: Implementing SB 1456 Components In Promise Pathways
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B3: FYE for the CCC: Partnership for Student Success
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B4: Student Success at Cerritos College: Creating a Culture in which Success Isn’t Optional
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Handouts: (Guide) (Habits Inventory) (AOC Grid) (ESP Enrollment Timeline 2014) (Exemption Exception Waiver)

B5: Online Educational Services
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B6: Chancellor’s Office MIS Student Success Data Elements: Collaborating for Accurate Data
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TUESDAY, September 24th

8:30a.m. – 10:00a.m.  General Session

Student Support (Re)Defined: Facilitated Student Panel – Student Perspectives on Their Success (video archive)
(Student Support (Re)defined Project Description - Summer 2013)
(Student Support (Re)defined - 10 Ways Faculty Can Support Student Success Summer 2013)
(Student Support (Re)defined Student Panel for CCCCO SSSP Summit)

Session Description: Student Support (Re)Defined has been a popular and widely discussed study conducted by the Research and Planning Group (RP Group) for California Community Colleges on student perspectives of what makes them successful. Study researchers Darla Cooper and Rogéair Purnell will provide a brief overview of the study’s findings including the six success factors and five key themes that are at the core of this research. They will then lead a panel of current community college students in a facilitated discussion around these factors and themes. Students will share their experiences related to the most important factors contributing to their success, including deciding and staying focused on an education and career goal, feeling a sense of belonging and actively participating in their learning, and feeling nurtured and valued. We will ask them to describe how college staff and faculty in particular have helped foster their success and identify what other students need to know to succeed.

10:15a.m. - 11:30a.m. Breakout C

C1: The Student Success Solution
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Handouts: (Digital Pipeline Overview) | (One Page Overview)
(Whitepaper) | (Study of Matriculated Students Bridge)

C2: Are You Ready for Fall 2014? Scaling Orientation with an Online Solution
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C3: Collaboration and Right Decision Making for Student Success
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C4: The Pathway to the SSA Student Generation
(click here for presentation file DeAnza-Foothill)
(click here for presentation file College of the Desert)
(video archive)

C5: Overcoming Barriers to College Success
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C6: All Many Things Considered - A Practical Guide to Sorting Through 3SP Mandates, Priorities, and Timelines
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12:45p.m. - 2:00p.m. - Breakout D
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2:15p.m. – 3:00p.m.  Closing Comments (video archive)

Conference Resource Files

Credit Funding Formula
2013-2014 Funding Letter 6-28-13
Funding Formula Chart
Noncredit Application and Certification Form 2013-14
MIS Data Elements SS Master All
MIS Data Elements Memo 2013-07-22
Matriculation 2012-13 Year End Expenditures Report
Matriculation 2012-13 Certification of District Office Expenses (Rev9-2013)
Ensuring Equitable Access and Success REPORT Disportionate Impact 091713
Digest SSS Funding and MIS
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